The study aimed to examine four key elements relating to Bowen therapy and its impact on frozen shoulder. These four areas were pain, mobility, well-being and satisfaction of the treatment. Overall the patients perceived Bowen therapy to be gentle, relaxing and non-invasive and effective in Improving or eliminating the symptoms of frozen shoulder. This was evidenced by:
1 . A high level of satisfaction with the therapy, a commitment to using Bowen in the future for Frozen shoulder or other conditions, and recommending the therapy to others.
2 . A significant improvement in shoulder mobility and function for all participants, with 70% of Participants regaining full mobility (equal to non-affected side) by treatment end.
3. Markedly reduced pain intensity scores.
4. Bowen cannot, from this study, claim to be 100% successful but it demonstrated a significant improvement for participants, even those with a very long history of frozen shoulder.
5. All participants experienced improvement in their daily activities and none reported that their pain was having a severe impact on their daily activities.
Satisfaction with Bowen Therapy
Satisfaction with Bowen was high mainly because it was effective in reducing or eliminating symptoms and because of its gentle approach. The advantage of Bowen was that the participant felt no pain during the treatment process and the associated exercises were gentle and non-threatening. Participants who expressed an initial degree of scepticism about the therapy were won over by the fact that it produced results. For many, it was their first experience of complimentary therapy.
The combination of improved mobility, functional status and decreased pain contributed to a feeling of enhanced wellbeing as evidenced through the improved scores for the participants daily activities. One measure of success could be seen in participants returning not just to required activities of living, such as shopping, cleaning and working but also to their hobbies, such as gardening, bowling, sewing and woodwork.
This study can be seen in full on the BTFA website under Bowen therapy studies.

Your Lotus Bowen therapist is Leon Dettmann a member of Bowen Therapist Federation Australia.