The Generators of Cosmic Energy Crystal Workshop is a presentation of the science and cosmic mysteries of Crystals. Saturday 26th September @ Lotus Wellbeing Centre.

Science shows us at the heart of every crystal is an atom with dynamic orbiting particles. Cosmic Mysteries reveal every crystal is a sentient, energy evolving on earth in loving service to facilitate peace and unity consciousness. Lets talk about it!

What This Workshop Will Cover:
– Gaining Awareness Of Crystalline Geo And Metaphysical Properties
– Enhancing Your Level Of Knowledge And Understanding Of Practical Ways To Effectively And Appropriately Work With Crystals.
– Identifying Ways To Select Crystals
– Encouraging Your Relationship With Elemental Energies

Topics Covered By This Course Include:
– Vibration
– Shapes, Applications, Purpose
– Cleansing, Programming
– Grounding
– Meditation

Who Should Attend?
Those with a natural curiosity and desire to develop crystalline wisdom including Beginners through to Intermediate users

About the facilitator:
Born in Rabaul, Papua Niu Guinea, Jaia grew up surrounded by the tropical beauty and abundance of the Pacific Islands. Immersed in Melanesian and Polynesian culture and customs, Jaia is one with the natural environment and has a refined intuition and deep connection with Nature.

After migrating to Australia to raise a young family Jaia had a successful management career spanning 25 years. Working with leaders in the IT, education, arts, antique and interior design industries Jaia attracted growth and development to each enterprise she worked with.

With time Jaia has successfully found a way to integrate a life of spiritual learning and closeness to nature with her desire to live a fulfilling worldly life. Jaia is a devoted student and disciple of Australian Guru, Shakti Durga.

A highly trained Spiritual Teacher and Mentor, Jaia applies a grounded and practical approach to topics where she has developed mastery through life experience.
Area’s of particular interest in her study and practice are in natural manifesting, empowered relationships, inner child, ego, dependence, transcendence through dance, sacred geometry, crystals, shamanism.

Jaia now lives with her family by the coast in the beautiful Northern Illawarra and travels regularly to Sydney, Newcastle, Canberra and surrounds.

The influence of the Pacific cultures is evident in Jaia’s use of Shamanic techniques. Jaia is an Advanced practitioner of the Crystal Dreaming modality she studied under the renowned Shaman Raym, the modality IYS Energy Healing with Australian Guru, Shakti Durga. As well as being a sought out healer, Jaia also runs guided mediations, self-development and crystal workshops and gives grounded spiritual guidance.

Bring your inquiring mind and heart along to this popular and fast paced workshop presented by Spiritual Mentor, Healer and Advanced Crystal Dreaming practitioner, Shanti Jaia.

Expect lots of interesting and fun stories, opportunities to ask questions, and a beautiful crystalline meditation experience.