With Jaia and Ganesha Ma
Saturday 29th, Sunday 30th August
9:30am – 5pm
Cost: $50 commitment, then by heartfelt donation
Live peacefully with your emotions.
Understand how your vibration creates your experiences. Learn more skilful, empowered communication and conflict resolution.
Experience more intimacy, connectedness and closeness with those you care about.
Empowering Relationships 1 gives you a toolbox to deal with the most difficult situations in relationships. It enables you to love yourself and thus bring love and intimacy into your life.
For more information or to book your place please call
Lotus Wellbeing Centre
103 Crown Street Wollongong
Centre 02 4226 4740 Jaia 0417 661 478 Ganesha Ma 0412 896 442

This course will assist you with:
Identification of challenges in relationships
Understanding the spiritual purpose of relationships
Understanding how energy affects our relationships
Dealing with Emotions
Communication skills
Listening skills
Understanding the vibration of thought word and action
Building self-esteem
Building respect for self and from others
Providing for the needs of the child training in virtues

Topics covered by this course include:
Multidimensionality in context of relationships
What is soul family?
How to raise your vibration
Building spiritual community, social cohesion and support
Interplay of thought and emotion, effect upon relationships
Inner child theory and relevance to relationships
Inner child experiential exercises
How to self-parent
Support networks
Next steps
About the facilitators:
Born in Rabaul, Papua Niu Guinea, Jaia is one with the natural environment and has a refined intuition and deep connection with Nature.
After migrating to Australia to raise a young family Jaia had a successful management career spanning 25 years. Working with leaders in the IT, education, arts, antique and interior design industries.
With time Jaia has successfully found a way to integrate a life of spiritual learning and closeness to Nature with her desire to live a fulfilling worldly life. Jaia is a devoted student and disciple of Australian Guru, Shakti Durga.
A highly trained Spiritual Teacher and Mentor, Jaia applies a grounded and practical approach to topics where she has developed mastery through life experience.
An Advanced practitioner of Crystal Dreaming Jaia studied under Raym, and holistic therapeutic modality Ignite Your Spirit Energy Healing with Shakti Durga As well as being a sought out healer and teacher, Jaia also facilitates guided mediations, self-development and crystal workshops and gives grounded spiritual guidance.

Area’s of particular interest in her study and practice include natural manifesting, empowered relationships, inner child, ego, dependence, transcendence through dance, sacred geometry, crystals and shamanism.
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