Angelina Bianchi

 Hi lovely souls  IMG_0285 (002)

My name is Angelina. I have been doing readings for 17 years. I am from Argentina, South America. I speak Spanish (welcoming Spanish community ) and English. I am here to help and guide you in this life journey.  

Whether in

*love or finding soul mate or twin flame.

*life purpose


*spiritual development

*finding peace and healing.

*messages from your guides and spirit. 

 I am here to guide you.

With my psychic abilities i am connected to the creator / god. I work with my amazing team guides and ancestors , spirit animal, arch angels. I use my tarot , oracles or intuitive drawing *souls essence map .coffee cup readings.

I have worked on:

  • Soul.t.v
  • Festival of dreams
  • Psychic .t.v
  • Embrace Australia.    
  • Embrace life live life.
  • The circle phone line readings.

 Workshop /class /groups coming soon:

* Tarot


*Intuitive drawing

*Twin Flame support group.

*Reiki level 1, level 2.

* Children circle

* Celebrating circle of the Equinox and Solictices.

*Drum energy shifting by setting intentions (mother drum).

 I also do skype teachings and readings.