Dhiresh Swami

Dhiresh is a Palm reader with more 25 years of experience. His “gift” has been with him since birth;  passed on to him by his ancestors in India. He specializes in having a deep understanding of your situation and is able to assist you towards getting on to the right path. Dhiresh loves to give you advice and counselling in relation to your:  love-life, relationships, family issues, past present future. He uses your palm, angle card and clairvoyance to give you insights into your life.

With over 15 years expereince as a Vedic Astrologer, you are in practiced and skilled hands with Dhiresh.

Provide Dhiresh with the time and place and date of your birth, and he can prepare horoscope chart which will give a detailed understanding of the planet that’s influence your and how that will affect your life.