Gavin Hartley

“Life is a cycle, A cycle is a Circle & in a Circle everything returns to where it Began!”

Over the past 20 years Gavin has developed wisdom and experience on various levels, thus having the ability to personalize each massage treatment for maximum effect.

Throughout the years of study, practice & experience (East. West and Cherokee wisdom), he has found that any challenge is due to a blockage in Soul, Heart, Mind & Body (Energy & Matter) and addresses his sessions from this perspective.

His unique style aims at returning one to this state of Balance and addresses the whole body in his 1.5hr sessions.

A certified Remedial Massage Therapist, Sports Science & Movement, A Reiki Master, Tao Hands Practitioner, Aromatherapy Practitioner, Energetic & Spiritual Healer and presently studying with a Quantum Physicist and Tao Calligraphy Expert for deeper understanding, he has the tools for all and any challenges.

Gavin’s passion lies whole body, heart and soul healing and this is evident in the depth that he goes to assist and support clients into a renewed state of balance.  Gavin is a Tao Hands Healer (to find out more, click below)

“If you want to know if a pear is sweet …… Taste it!”

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The most Powerful Experience of ALL = Gavin’s Signature Massage 90 minutes:

This covers the WHOLE body and addresses all areas where the blockage may be residing. It includes Full Body Massage, Essential Oil routine and at the desired pressure of the client. It yields the Greatest of Outcomes.It is known as : “Head to Toe – Skin to Bone Massage”

Sacred Field Massage 2 hours:

This is a UNIQUE experience that can address any challenge (Illness, Finances, Relationships, Business, Intelligence and more). Ancient Traditional Chinese healing calligraphies carry the highest of vibration and frequency and are used to clear blockages in the physical, energetic and spiritual body. Gavin provides this unique and first of its kind transformational therapy right here in Wollongong.   A Follow up routine / practices is with every session.

Remedial or Relaxation Massage: 1hr : $90    /  1.5hrs : $125

Gavin’s Signature Remedial Massage:  1.5hrs  :  $150

Hands & Feet: 1hr  : $90

Head & Neck & Shoulders: 1hr  : $90

Aromatherapy Essential Oil Massage – 1hr : $120  (Including foot Massage)

Reiki: 1hr  :  $80

Tao Hands : $100        with Calligraphy $140

Calligraphy Healing Massage : 1.5hr : $200