Doctor Verena

Doctor Verena Raschke-Cheema (PhD, MSc.) is a highly qualified and dedicated Doctor in Nutritional Sciences and Neuro-Training Kinesiologist. She is a passionate, holistic, solution-oriented consultant with 10 years of clinical experience, a holistic health expert and mother of two healthy boys.  Doctor Verena holds a doctorate (PhD) and master’s degree (MSc.) in the Nutritional Sciences from the University of Vienna, in Austria and has completed her Neuro-Training Kinesiology Studies with the Colleague of Neuro-Training in NSW, Australia. She engages in ongoing professional studies in neurology and the gut microbiome to provide her clients with the highest quality service.


Doctor Verena’s holistic consultations combine scientific principles, methodical dedication and evidence-based practices of nutritional sciences from the West with aspects of traditional healing modalities from the East, as well as Neuro-Training Kinesiology, to identify, address and eliminate the symptoms and heal the root cause of the condition(s). Doctor Verena empowers the individual through her practical and person-centered service, enabling them to take responsibility of their own health and recuperation, ultimately leading to a transformation of ones’ health and well-being.

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