In 1996 I thought my life was complete and enjoyed being a domestic goddess, happily married with 2 beautiful children when I experienced a back injury which stopped me in my tracks. This injury left me hospitalised and unable to walk for a six month period. Thankfully to supportive family, friends, inner trust and faith, a brilliant specialist and intensive surgery, I regained my legs. With trust, faith and hard work I made a full recovery over the following two years. Although life as I knew it was never the same. I was at a cross roads with many questions on life’s purpose my purpose!!! Much to the dislike of my family, I began my journey and started to trust my gut feelings, inner voice, visions and coincidences.

Unveiling before me was an extraordinary Spiritual Journey where I was awakened to the Endless Energy the Universe has to offer. Over the years I’ve experienced and practised Meditation, Crystal and Universal Healing, all taught to me by the most inspiring Spiritual Teachers. As a Reiki and Crystal Healing Practitioner I often receive visions, sensations, feelings and or pain which my customer has/is or may experience. This allows me to channel Universal Energy through your body which in turn may minimise or discard the traumatised area.  I am constantly learning, experiencing and witnessing the Extraordinary Healing Power this Endless Energy has to offer us all. It still amazes me today!!!  

I am offering you the opportunity to receive this Beautiful Universal Energy and share with you the knowledge I have gained from the Extraordinary Spiritual Opportunities I was blessed with. Walk your Path with Love and watch your own Journey unfold. 

Love Your Life – Debbie Star Krystal