Positive Psychology

One question people often ask is “what is the difference between Positive Psychology and Psychology?” The answer is none. Positive Psychology is simply one branch of the wider discipline. The reason why we specifically refer to Positive Psychology however, is that is represents a new approach to the study of mental health. Traditionally psychologists have (and still do) focus on treating mental illness – depression, schizophrenia, anxiety, mani, PTSD and other such issues. As a result though the wider population have been forgotten, and while they may not be suffering from mental illness a lot of them are languishing. In fact statistics show that 4 out of every 5 of us will have a mental health episode in our lifetime. Stressed, unhappy, purposeless, angry, lost we aren’t it seems a lot of us aren’t doing so well. Positive psychology however, is founded on the view that humans want, and have the capacity to achieve, a good life. The research in this area therefore is focused on understanding is what leads people to be happy, achieve their goals, continue to grow, have good relationships, attain success and flourish.