Services on offer

You deserve to be healthy


Acupuncture treats the body by bringing the Qi back into alignment through fine needles being inserted into the body at specific acupoints. Read more.. book online


Chiropractic treatment involves a combination of soft tissue and trigger point therapy.  A safe and proven method for reducing back pain, headaches and stress. Read More book online


Counselling is invaluable for the management of stress, grief and trauma, relationship or family problems and any emotional or psychological problems. Read more… book online


Kinesiology is a communication tool that enables a person to assess and upgrade their performance in all areas of their life.  Read more… book online


Reiki treatment follows a traditional pattern of hand positions, resting without pressure on or above the body. Reiki is pure energy, and brings about deep relaxation and healing. Read more… book online

Crystal Therapy

Crystal Therapy is a form of energy medicine.  Crystals have a vibrational energy that work with our own energy , restoring vitality and balancing our body, mind and spirit. Read More… book online


Well known in the community as being effective for giving up smoking and for weight management, Hypnotherapy is also powerful in many areas of life in which people experience symptoms of pain, stress, anxiety and tension. Read more… book online


Iridology is a safe non-invasive and painless. It is generally used in a naturopathic consultation as a diagnostic tool, rather than an isolated treatment. Read More… book online

Traditional Chinese Medicine

The treatments used in Traditional Chinese Medicine aim to adjust and harmonise Yin and Yang – cold and hot, wet and dry, inner and outer, body and mind. Read more… book online


When muscles and tendons become knotted and tense or immobile, Remedial Massage provides a healing treatment that can be gentle or strong, deep or shallow. Read more… book online


A treatment offered for behavioural and mental health issues. The common goal is to increase awareness into behaviours that may be harmful or destructive. Read more… book online


Naturopaths prevent, assess, and treat conditions of the mind and body. They use conventional health sciences along with a range of natural therapies. Read more… book online

Spirit Guide Readings

Lynn Overhill is an experienced intuitive who can help you receive messages from your Guides. Read more… book online

Animal Communication Readings

Lynn Overhill is famous for her ‘pet whispering’ skills and can help you to understand your 4 legged best friend. Read more… book online