6th January to 15th Feb 2016

Mercury once again goes retrograde on 6th January to 26th and will be out of its shadow period on 15th February. So if you are feeling the effects of this it will ease after the 26th and be over on the 15the February. This is can be a frustrating time where things just don’t seem to go as planned. It is a good time to go back over what you want in 2016. Make a plan of what you want and write it down. This will help you to stick to it and achieve your goals. Friends from your past may contact you or just drop in unexpectedly.

 9th January to 16th January 2016

Venus and Saturn come together in the sky. This might be a time where love becomes serious. So if you are in a new relationship or if you meet someone new this week, it might be the beginning of a lasting love relationship. For those of you already in a relationship it might be a time where feelings are kept to yourself. 

 8th January to 10th May 2016

Jupiter goes retrograde in Virgo. What does this mean? It is a time to pull back and analyse where you are going, what you want and how you are going to get it without over spending or going overboard on things. You may also question your spiritual beliefs at this time. It is a good tome to study and start a new course or hobby.  

 8th February 2016

Today is a new moon in Aquarius. Time to make your new moon wishes. Write it down in your journal and manifest it by the full moon on the 22nd February.

Written by Joanne Nekita