On the 13th of September there will be a partial solar eclipse at 20 degrees of Virgo. This will effect you more if you have other solar planets at these degrees or if your birthday falls on or within a few days of the 13th of September. This may have similarities to what was happening for you in September 1997.
So what does this mean? Solar eclipses are about beginnings and can bring some sort of a shift. As the eclipse is in Virgo it’s about ‘bringing order to chaos’. It might be time to work through that list that you haven’t quite got to yet. Time to clean out your cupboards and do some spring cleaning. It’s about routine and health. Practical ideals may come before your emotional needs. So stay in tune with your spiritual needs by meditating.
Virgo is about health, so this might be time to to look at how you are feeling health wise and make positive changes. It’s a good time to start exercising, it’s spring get out there and make a nice morning walk your routine. It is a good time to detox. Remember spring is about new growth and mother nature is flowering. It might be a good time to see your naturopath for some of those hayfever remedies.
Mercury is also about to retrograde on the18th September so you may already be feeling the effects. There can be upsets with communications so double check those emails sent and make sure you back up your essays so that you don’t loose any work. This can also transform to way we think. Time to go back over our thoughts, double check your paperwork and seek legal advise before signing big business deals like buying a car or a house. You may want to wait until Mercury is out of its shadow period on 25th October if you can.
So spring is here, make the most of the eclipse energy and start your spring cleaning and make your health a priority. Time to get out and enjoy the sunshine.

Writen by Joaane Nekita – available Saturdays for consultations