FRIENDS – givers of unconditional love, support and guidance

Give your friend the gift of health and $30 today – read on to learn more …

Friends are the family we choose. They stick by you when your family is intolerable or unsupportive, when partners leave us and when your world seems to crumble – they are there to pick you up!

They want you to be happy.

We love and trust them; they’ve always got our best interest at heart.

This is why I absolutely love it when I ask in my clinical practice:
“Why have you come to see me today?”
and they reply with:
“Cause my friend told me that I had to come and see you!”

Usually they have no clue about me or what I do or how to even pronounce ‘kinesiology’ – and certainly no idea what to expect in the following 90 minutes. . .

Yet, they come anyway!


Because we trust our friends, they want what’s best for us.

Because their friend has experienced some kind of transformation, a greater connection into themselves and a better understanding of their health during a consultation with me. They FEEL better, they FEEL well, they FEEL different and they want their friend to FEEL the same – to let go of pain and stress.

When we experience something wonderful, we want to share it.
When we feel our hearts expand and our soul soar to a new height, we want everyone to feel the same thing we felt.
When we feel the burden and weight of emotional pain lift, we want others to experience this same freedom from pain.

Do you have a friend who is struggling right now? Perhaps the best gift you can give them is simply to be there and perhaps offer gentle guidance towards support that will help bring them out of darkness … Many of my clients walk in the door at a crossroads; feeling stuck and lost. They are burdened with a mountain of emotional baggage and just struggling through each day as best they can, but with little joy or sparkle for life. 90 minutes is all it takes to begin to let go of emotional, energetic and psychological baggage to be able to re-focus and re-ignite your passion and drive so that you can feel well.

Share this message and this gift with a friend and they can receive $30* off their initial 90-minute consultation.

Simply mention this post at time of payment to receive your discount.

A huge hug to my beautiful friends who unconditionally love and support me!

Love & Light,
@ The Lotus Wellbeing Centre (02) 4226 4740 or BOOK NOW ONLINE

*$30 Discount Offer is for new clients only –  90 min Initial Kinesiology Consultation.
Valid until Oct 31st 2016