Many pet humans/owners understand deep inside their psyche that they know their dog or cat is very smart.
And some of the time, this incredible intelligence is able to be demonstrated enough that their human can get a glimpse into their world.
Sometimes, they are even able to tell what they are thinking/feeling/imagining for the future.
How does this happen?
Sometimes a word continues to float into your mind or you continue to feel a particular emotion (happiness, sadness, anxiety or anticipation amongst others)
Even with all of that there are a few pictures which seem to dance in your thoughts.
This is their way of voicing or showing themselves to you.

Why won’t my dog listen to me?

How are you trying to communicate with your dog? Yelling at the top of your lungs is not always a sure fire solution. Telepathic animal communication is often silent.
Are you sending her or him a singular mind picture of what you want them to do?
Have you tried a mental video of what you wish them to do? It doesn’t have to be a 120 minute full screen blockbuster…just a 15 second commercial will do.
Are you making sure that your mind is clear of all of the day-to-day thoughts and events?
What is exciting your dog enough that they are locked in their own zone of thought?
Is smell overwhelming them?
Or is it companionship with other dogs?
Are they trying to do a specific job for you? Like greeting visitors or protecting you from harm? Or like my Whippet, announcing that the family of Kangaroos are back…AGAIN!
Or do they just want “me time” after lots of human interaction while doing “coffee café chillin’” with you?
Think about what you can send them as a picture or a feeling or a word to get them to listen to your requests …NOW. The word/ thought/ taste of Chicken Necks always seem to get a fairly immediate response with Whippet Stella.