I am happy to introduce constitutional facial acupuncture to Wollongong. This treatment, like no other I have found thus far, is a profoundly health enhancing and preventative treatment. It is also a unique and effective beauty treatment. It has a deeply balancing energetic effect as well as being an intelligent and open-minded look at your emotional landscape. It can be, if one choses to make it so, a deeply personal spiritual experience.

In a constitutional facial acupuncture treatment we start by looking at your face. What pleases you and what does not please you? Are there lines you would like to get rid of? Are there drooping places you wish were firm? What problem areas need attention?

Next, your general health will be examined with questions, looking at your tongue and feeling your pulse. Your face reflects your inner health, and balanced healthy body meridians underlie facial attractiveness.

That is why the treatment itself starts with points on the arms and legs. Acupuncture looks at the energetic balance of the whole person.

Finally, very slender needles are inserted into the face. Some muscles may need to be tonified (for lifting and firming), some muscles may need to be relaxed (to stop wrinkles from developing). Some areas may need to have greater circulation, and some may need improved tone and elasticity.

Why can this be a spiritual experience? Because we are human we have emotions, which we show through facial expressions. Habitual emotions show on the face as lines and wrinkles. However, habitual emotions are often exactly in our blind spot; we feel them so much that we are not fully aware of them. If we worry a lot, for example, it can come to seem that worry is who we are and we wouldn’t even know how to feel not-worried.

We are not our emotions but something much higher. Our face is a map of our inner emotional landscape. Knowing how to read your own face objectively and lovingly, without judgment, is a powerful step in anyone’s journey on this planet. And, I believe a transition to a higher emotional landscape assists with our personal spiritual evolution.