Empowering Relationships #1:  

Meiling our Psychologist and Energetic Healer here at Lotus Wellbeing Centre would like to invite you to the Empowering Relationships seminar coming to Lotus on the 9th and 10th of July.

This seminar explores our relationship with ourselves and others. Intimacy is affected by our skill or lack there of in communicating our feelings in an honest yet respectful manner. Handling difficult emotions is a large part of the skill set.    Learn to become more aware and nurture the self, to handle emotions more effectively and to appreciate the educational role all emotions play in our life.  

We look at ways to raise the vibration of our relationships and ourselves engendering deeper respect and pulling from each other more love, togetherness, happiness and peace.

What can you take away from this seminar: 

  • A deeper understanding of yourself and how you relate to others. 
  • How to maintain emotional mastery during challenging situations. 
  • Tools to take care of your own emotional and physical needs, creating a stronger foundation for your relationships.

Cost:    

$50 registration deposit, required before the seminar by all attending 

$385 for full weekend seminar

Or by heartfelt donation if resitting

PLEASE CALL LOTUS RECEPTION TO RESERVE YOUR PLACE   (02) 4226 4740                                                                       You can pay $50 deposit over the phone or in person