A long, long time ago and far, far away, there was a TV series in the 1960’s originating in the US about a horse called Mr. Ed and his human owner whose name was Wilbur.
As it turned out, only Wilbur could hear his horse speak. And speak he did! The rest of his family thought that their family bread winner was a little peculiar…but they loved him anyway. Poor Wilbur was left trying to explain how he knew the things he did. And Mr. Ed refrained from offering his assistance.
Mr. Ed was able to tell Wilbur what foods he liked to eat, what ways he liked to sleep and more importantly, Mr. Ed offered his opinions about almost everything. He had something to say about his sleeping arrangements, his food choices, his human’s crazy life and all the situations he found himself in thanks to his equine cohort.
Do you have a horse (or cat or dog or bird, etc.) who is like Mr. Ed?
Do you receive words in your head about their wants, needs or desires or even dislikes?
Do you taste what they like to eat on the tip of your tongue?
Are you almost certain that your pet disapproves of something you have said, thought or imagined? (Mr. Ed used to have a much more practical horse way of looking at the world.)
If this resonates with you, try writing down in a notepad what you believe you are hearing or seeing or feeling. Do this for a month or two and then look back through your notes. You may find that although each individual day of scratching’s may not have made complete sense, when you look at all the information together, you will begin to receive a more complete picture.
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