Jude Dowsett

Release Pain with Hypnotherapy


Clinical Hypnotherapist

Release Pain with Hypnotherapy, Jude has been in practice for the last 12 years and continues to develop her skills.  She has created a fusion of all of her modalities.  Therefore including hypnotherapyRelease pain with hypnotherapy, life coaching, law of attraction coaching, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Techniques) & Laughing Yoga.  Jude’s main focus is working with her clients un-conscious mind which she believes this is the real power house of the mind.    It is here, working with the un-conscious mind where real change can occur such as:

  • Reduction or even elimination of excess anxiety
  • Changing self-sabotaging life patterns
  • Creating better sleeping patterns
  • Weight loss
  • Gaining Life Strategies for direction, clarity and focus
The Letting Go Clinic

Jude uses a mixture of Clinical Hypnotherapy, NLP, CBT and Oldpain2go to work on the chronic pain or anxiety which can be reduced or even eliminated.
This therapy is also very effective when dealing with emotional issues that have been hold you back in life.

Together we seek help and progress to help you gain freedom from physical or emotional pain.

For more information about how Jude works, visit her website here.

Jude runs a 6 week programme, “From Crazy to Calm” which offers more clarity, more direction and more success!