Cards by Charlie

I first became aware of tarot through a set of dreams as a young pre-teen, learning the symbols at that time was a confronting experience and one I was not overly enthused over, I mostly developed a fear of the unknown, and it was enough for me to pack it all into the back of my mind and move into my teenage hood without mentioning it to anyone.

As young as I was, I was not able to grasp the deep knowledge bestowed in the symbols but as I matured into my own adult understandings of myself,  I was looking for meaning in my world and searching to find a place to be of service to my community in a way that resonates best with me.

In my early 20’s I was reunited with the tarot, and applying my learned skill of openness, and having the guts to confront my fears with curiosity I communed with the tarot deck. What I found was that when I asked deep questions, I received the counsel of the cards. And by the trial and error of reading for my life situations I built an awareness of the 78 card energies and the true meaning they each held for me.

Today I recognise the help I received from my deck to be invaluable to my understanding of myself, my weaknesses and my strengths, I achieved this with devotion to the tarot and to developing myself. I have been reading for others, accruing 6 years of experience.

There is advice in the tarot for anyone who seeks it. And I look forward to offering this soul service to anyone willing to sit with me.

I offer versatility with my service, I can read online via email, zoom, by phone or in person.