Hot Stone Massage

18/05/2022 Lotuswellbeing

Jo Alora will now be bringing her hot stone massage to the Wellness Centre. Perfect timing for winter. There are so many wonderful benefits from having a hot stone massage. Having heated basalt stones massaged on your body will ease muscle tension and pain. Hot stones can even reduce muscle spasms and improve your flexibility…


04/03/2022 Lotuswellbeing

Ortho-Bionomy is a gentle, non-invasive form of body therapy, which is highly effective in working with acute or chronic pain or stress caused through accidents, injuries or postural and structural imbalances. The Ortho-Bionomy approach believes in and works with the body's innate ability to self correct, rather than the therapist forcing the correction onto the…

Emotional Healing

04/03/2022 Lotuswellbeing

For a full emotional healing session, Jo Alora takes the time beforehand to sit with you & discuss your concerns. We have the time to chat & really pull everything apart. Including the time beforehand, this session is 90 minutes in total. My full sessions with you clear away negative energies caused by daily stress…


04/03/2022 Lotuswellbeing

In a one on one session with Jo Alora, you will be guided into a conscious connected breath for a period of one hour. The breath will find blocked energy & emotions in your body. With me by your side, you will be supported to release these blockages in a gentle manner or as cathartic…


02/03/2022 Lotuswellbeing

People seek homeopathy for many reasons and because homeopathy treats the individual, not the disease, different people with the same illness may require different remedies. Homeopathy is a system of medicine which uses highly diluted substances, treating like with like, which triggers the body’s natural system of healing. The patient’s symptoms are matched with their…


01/03/2022 Lotuswellbeing

What is hypnosis Hypnosis is an ancient and natural mode of healing, widely acknowledged to be safe, effective and powerful. Our thoughts, beliefs and emotions exert a pervasive influence on our behaviours, our health and our bodily functions. We each have within us the capacity to uplift, inspire, heal and fulfil our potential.  Hypnosis is…

Jo Alora’s Magical Massage

21/02/2022 Lotuswellbeing

Jo Alora is bringing her nurturing lomi lomi inspired massage to the centre. With Jo also being an energy healer, your magical massage session will allow you to drop into deep relaxation, releasing stress not only on a physical, but also on a cellular level. Bringing in a Grace Blessings transmission through Jo’s hands during…


16/12/2021 Lotuswellbeing

Craniosacral therapy is a gentle, intuitive, hands-on technique which can be effective in alleviating pain, headaches, stress, and tension. It addresses the rhythmic flow of cerebral-spinal fluid which flows between the head (cranium) and the pelvis (sacrum). The craniosacral rhythm is as essential, tangible and measurable as the more familiar rhythms of our breath and…

Tarot Reading

08/11/2021 Lotuswellbeing

A Reading is like a snapshot of what your life looks like at the time of the reading. The cards tune into your energy - the person asking the question - to give you a picture of unseen influences, patterns of behavior, obstacles, and strengths. A reading can give you an idea of where you…

Spirit Guide Readings

08/11/2021 Lotuswellbeing

Everyone has a group of individuals who are available to assist humans when they request assistance. They are always available and are more than delighted to assist whenever asked to do so. A spirit guide medium can work as a conduit in order to bring exact information through for the client individual to contemplate and…

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