In a one on one session with Jo Alora, you will be guided into a conscious connected breath for a period of one hour.

The breath will find blocked energy & emotions in your body. With me by your side, you will be supported to release these blockages in a gentle manner or as cathartic as you may need on each individual session.

For a warm or cold water breathe, you must have first completed 10 consecutive breathes with me first.

Using a conscious connected breath you can have a profound experience in a breathwork session.

Some benefits of breathwork are-

Feeling more present with your everyday life, with more joy & love.

From breathing in youthful prana you can go into dep relaxation & have a better quality sleep.

Balancing of hormones, which is wonderful for PMT & menopause.

You have more clarity to be able to follow your right path.

Release stress & trauma freeing your body mind & soul of illness.

Creativity is ignited.

Connection to source.

You can attain a non-ordinary level of consciousness, receiving insight from your guides.

Ending of patterns, beliefs & behaviours that have stopped your from moving forward in life.

Brings in vitality & inspiration.

An awakening through a more cathartic breath.

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