Emotional Healing

For a full emotional healing session, Jo Alora takes the time beforehand to sit with you & discuss your concerns. We have the time to chat & really pull everything apart. Including the time beforehand, this session is 90 minutes in total.

My full sessions with you clear away negative energies caused by daily stress & trauma, clearing the body, mind & soul of blockages from past lives & this present life. We hold negative emotions in our cellular body, our chakras and our organs. This can cause chronic illness.

In each session we start by giving you a deep spiritual clearing. This releases such things as emotional & energy attachments, psychic wounds & damage, negative energies and entities that you may have picked up. We also clear, patch up and strengthen your aura. We release entanglements and cut cords. We balance your chakras and ground you so that you feel focused and strong.

On a whole, this session will help vanquish illness, anxiety, stress, depression & chronic fatigue, as well as a variety of emotional and mental disorders.

Ridding your body of these blockages enables you to move forward in life with a more positive approach and a loving perspective, thus attracting more positive energies and experiences into your life.

Half sessions can be a choice of Grace Blessings or a spiritual clearing, cord cutting & a balance or perhaps you are in need of an ancestral wounding session.

When we clear & heal ancestral wounding from ourselves, we also clear up the line to where it all began…. It is such a beautiful gift, not only to ourselves but to our lineage.

We can have a quick chat & decide what is needed on the day if you are unsure.

I will also layout some Andara crystals to bring in their magic & healing for you & if you are open to it we can bring in some angelic light language downloads for you.

Light Language is a multidimensional language that is understood on a soul level. It is channelled codes of light and sound. It brings in clearing, balancing, activation, and alignment with a new vibration of wellbeing to each individual.

Light Language is a powerful healing modality. It is entwined with the Ascension and speaks so effectively to the unconscious mind & to the soul.

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