Massage is to target the muscles of the body to release muscular tension and may incorporate pressure points. This treatment can assist parts of the body which have been injured or immobilised due to age, illness, trauma, posture, overuse, stress or lack of exercise.

● Remedial & Deep Tissue/Sports Massage: Target the deeper muscles of the body to release muscular tension and may incorporate pressure points. This treatment can assist parts of the body which have been injured or immobilised due to age, illness, trauma, posture, overuse, stress or lack of exercise.


● Relaxation Massage/Swedish Massage: Involves applying gentle strokes to the body to help induce relaxation, improve quality of sleep, relieve anxiety and stress, enhance blood and lymph circulation, relieve muscle tension and increase flexibility and range of motion.

● Pregnancy Massage: A gentle, safe and nurturing massage. Regular massage after the first trimester of pregnancy will help relieve lower back pain, tiredness and fatigue, anxiety, headaches and swelling of the hands and feet.

● Aromatherapy Massage: Pure essential oils have psychological effects on the body. Combined with massage, the oils can restore balance and encourage the body to heal itself. Blends are tailored to your individual needs.

What is Remedial Massage?

Remedial is a diagnostic tool, the therapist will assess and locate problematic areas and will focus on bringing the body back into balance to work at its optimal best. Dependent on the client, whether you are regularly active, athlete or has a health issue, the therapist will work with you to alleviate the pain and provide better motion. Our therapist will provide you with an ongoing care plan and may refer you to other practitioners/modalities.

The bigger question is, why wouldn’t I?

Whether you are an athlete competing or a once a week runner, regular massage can help prevent injury. When you exercise you push yourself and strain the muscles which actually tear and rebuild as the muscles stretch and flex. When you receive a massage, the muscles are softened and manipulated to encourage better circulation. This brings oxygen to the muscles which aids in faster recovery after exercise, enables you to have better performance, relieves pain and reduces stress.

When would I need it?

Massage can be beneficial at any time. Receive a massage BEFORE training; receive a massage AFTER training; BEFORE a big event/performance; AFTER a big event/performance. If you have muscle tightness; an injury or feeling fatigued, a massage is therapeutic for the mind as well as the body.

Why massage matters

When we understand the relationship between the health and suppleness of our muscular system and our overall health and wellbeing, massage is no longer a luxury or an indulgence, but a life-enhancing and health-promoting practice that just happens to be rather enjoyable. Massage does not only relieve pain, alleviate stress, correct postural distortions and treat injuries; it can also have significant benefits at a cellular level. Your overall health depends on, and is a reflection of, your cellular health. Massage can play a crucial role in supporting cellular health.

If muscles are chronically tight or contracted, not only do we experience pain and discomfort, we also create postural distortions that in turn lead to other muscles becoming tight and contracted in compensation, setting up a vicious circle of increasing tightness and contraction.

This can have profound effects beyond the physical discomfort we may experience, as the health and flexibility of our muscular system plays a much greater role in our overall metabolic health than many of us realise. All of our metabolic processes – the very stuff of life – depend on a steady supply of oxygen and nutrients delivered into the cells themselves, as well as on the regular removal of metabolic waste products.

Whilst it is our heart that pumps blood throughout our circulatory system, it is the healthy, undistorted, rhythmic contraction of our muscular system that ultimately delivers nutrients and oxygen into the intracellular fluid for uptake by each of the 30,000,000,000,000 cells in our body. “In this sense, every muscle in the body is either a pump or a tourniquet for this fluid, life-giving circulation. Any chronic contraction is a dam, any chronic flaccidity is a stagnant bog in the flow of life out towards every living cell.” (Deane Juhan)

At a profound level then, our overall health, energy and life force depends upon the free movement of our muscles. If we move through life with tightness, contraction, imbalance and dysfunction in our muscular system, every metabolic process in the body is affected and our overall health will suffer. Regular massage is one of the most effective ways to ensure that each of your cells is able to fully utilise the oxygen you breathe and the food that you eat and effectively clear its waste products or toxins, so that you can move through life feeling nourished, vibrant, healthy and free of stress and tension.

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