Myofascial Release Therapy

Myofascial Release Therapy can restore the integrity and proper alignment of your entire fascial system, alleviating pressure, tension and postural distortion/compensation. It can also release long held physical, mental and emotional stress, facilitate the conscious healing of past trauma, and enhance the effectiveness of the body’s innate self-healing mechanisms.
Fascia – the connective tissue that forms a three dimensional web containing and connecting every part of your body – can become distorted through trauma, inflammatory processes, or the sustained effects of poor posture. Our fascia tightens in response to physical and emotional stress, and also in response to the anticipation of physical or emotional stress.

Myofascial Release Therapy

Physical stress might come in the form of long term overuse, sudden impacts such as from a fall or accident, postural distortion, repetition of certain movements over time, lifting a heavy baby or bag of groceries, sports injuries etc. Emotional stress can take many forms, from dealing with grief and loss, experiencing interpersonal conflict, relationship difficulties, challenges in the workplace or simply being too busy and constantly rushing to fit everything in to a hectic life.

When fascia is restricted, it creates enormous pressure on muscles, nerves and blood vessels, impairing our freedom of movement, creating pain, and restricting the flow of blood to every cell in the body. When our blood flow is impeded, our cells do not receive optimum nutrients and oxygen, nor can they effectively clear out metabolic waste products.

Additionally, modern research now views the body as a self-correcting mechanism with bioelectric healing systems – meaning that our body creates microcurrents of electricity and directs them, through the fascia, to where healing is most needed. If our fascia is restricted, the bioelectric flow is impaired, and our body’s capacity to self-heal becomes weakened. This creates the conditions in which disease and dysfunction arise and flourish.

Myofascial release plays an important role in restoring the health of our bioelectric pathways, and therefore our capacity to self heal, making it a valuable adjunct in the holistic treatment of all health conditions and an essential element of any genuinely effective wellness program.

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