Spirit Guide Readings

Everyone has a group of individuals who are available to assist humans when they request assistance. They are always available and are more than delighted to assist whenever asked to do so.
A spirit guide medium can work as a conduit in order to bring exact information through for the client individual to contemplate and revise at various times between readings.
This information can often come in the form of words, sentences, pictures, colours, smells, descriptions of events and a running video like pictures of events.

Popular topics can include:
  • What is my life purpose or path here on Earth at this time?
  • How has my choice of family or soul group been influenced by my past and/or past life?
  • How do I realign myself on my soul path?
  • How do I improve my health to a maximum jubilancy?
  • What career would be ideal for me to achieve my Earth lifetime goals?
  • What type of people or partners will help me to achieve this?
  • How can my life purpose assist the world order?
  • What tools do I need in my life to achieve my goals and how can my guides assist in this quest?
  • What are the best activities/foods to keep my body at a high vibrational level?
  • How do I improve my financial status in order to achieve my overall goals?
  • And many more….

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Our Practitioners are available between 7am – 7pm by appointment.

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