Siberian Ginseng Tea Loose Leaf


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Can be used as a stress and stamina Tonic.  Has been used to stimulate resistance to stress. When drank regularly, it may restore vigour, improve memory, support longevity. Reports say it improve oxygen use by exercising muscle, enabling the body to maintain athletic aerobic function. May reduce workout recovery time. May promote appetite, good for convalescence. May prevent respiratory tract infection. May support nervous system, activity of sex glands and reduce cholesterol.  Please seek your health practitioners advice when using this tea for medicinal purposes.

Weight: 75g

Planet Organic products are certified organic and grown as nature intended, with no synthetic chemicals, fertilisers or GMO’s.  In fact, organic farming helps build a healthy global community.  So, employing safe agricultural practices that work in harmony with our environment then ensure our farmers benefit with better working conditions.

Our products are grown in plantations where topsoil is nurtured naturally by composting not chemicals. Therefore, this reduces soil erosion and keeps land fertile. Organic farming practices stop chemical contamination to our waterways and promotes a healthy, diverse ecosystem for animal and plant life.

  • Full on flavour, light on the earth. We are passionate about producing high quality, environmentally sustainable products that are better for you and the planet.
  • Grown as nature intended in chemical free soil. You’ll taste the difference – pure and simple.
  • We carry Australian Certified Organic accreditation and have met rigorous checks guaranteeing an organic supply chain back to the source.
  • Our products are grown holistically and our coffee is Fairtrade, ensuring farmers benefit from safer agricultural practices and better working conditions.
  • We avoid unnecessary packaging and plastics, using recycled, sustainable and compostable materials wherever possible.


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