Toothpaste Calming Herbs


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Calming herbs for perfection or for perfect teeth and gums with the superb freshening power of Ravensara, the herbal mouth miracle revered by indigenous people in Madagascar. Organic rejuvenating botanicals rebuild every time you brush, protecting your overall oral condition. Calming Herbs Toothpaste calms the senses, and imparts fresh breath with a pleasant scent.

Our Certified Organic Whitening system is designed with the power of Turmeric to whiten, brighten, and remove surface stains, while our advanced Ravensara removes germs and bacteria every time you brush.

OrganicMiracle All Night Protection with Ravensara. Beautify your teeth and gums daily. Put your smile first every day with Ausganica Calming Herbs. Designed to whiten organically, OrganiWhite is an All Natural Whitening System that removes surface stains and whitens with the power of Turmeric and Ravensara Essential Oil. Get ready to take your smile from boring to bright, with the best of holistic mouth miracle, combined with superior scientific organic effectiveness

There is no reason to use harsh, dangerous, chemicals on your teeth and mouth. Our ingredients are checked and approved by Australia Certified Organic to ensure the highest product safety. Experience the all-natural whitening power of OrganiWhite toothpaste, and feel free to put your smile first!

Made with 83% Certified Organic Ingredients. 100% Natural Origin.


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