15/06/2021 By Lotuswellbeing

Self Care For Community Learning To Nurture Ourselves

Self Care for Community

Hi everyone, it’s Rebecca here.

I’ve been witnessing a beautiful trend amongst my massage clients over the last few weeks. More and more women are sharing with me their renewed commitment to self care and their growing realisation that nurturing themselves is the foundation of their ability to live a nourishing and fulfilling life, and to continue to nurture others.

I am seeing this across all generations, in women from all walks of life, and it makes my little heart sing!

I see so much burnout in my work. I hear so many stories of the challenges so many of us face, the stress of juggling work, children, ageing parents, relationships and more.

I am constantly amazed by the strength, determination and resilience of so many of my clients, and I am so happy to be witnessing what feels like a seismic shift in our awareness that things need to change.

We need to find ways of living that are in tune with our natural rhythms, that allow us to fulfil our potential without compromising our own wellbeing in the process.

So many of us for so long have tried to conform to the demands and expectations of our society, our family, our workplace, often at the expense of our own health. So many of us have previously neglected ourselves, thinking we will take care of our own needs “later”, when there is time, and so many of us are now realising that NOW is the time! This is our one shot at life, and the way we live today has an enormous impact on the life we will be living tomorrow. We all know that “later” never happens, that new demands constantly arise, so postponing our self care for that fictional time when we will “have time for ourselves” is a strategy doomed to failure.

The clients I have seen lately have one consistent message: Now is the time. We have to make ourselves and our own health a priority. Later never comes. So let’s make this happen! Let’s commit, here and now, to making changes in the way we live, and to ensure that every day includes some kind of nourishing self care.  Self care for community.

And if you aren’t sure where to start, or what you need to change, maybe a massage is a nice first step. I’m available Mondays, Tuesdays and Saturdays at Lotus. We also have an amazing collective of natural health practitioners, offering naturopathy, acupuncture, counselling, tarot readings and more. Please visit our website lotuswellbeing.com.au, pop in and see us, or phone us on 4226 4740 during reception hours 💜

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