Crystal Therapy

Crystal Therapy is a form of energy medicine. It uses gemstones to promote healing in the body. Crystals have a vibrational energy that work with our own energy , restoring vitality and balancing our body, mind and spirit.

During a Crystal Therapy treatment the client is generally clothed and laying comfortably.

Crystals are placed at certain points on the body, generally on and around the online

Listed are some of the Chakras (energy points) and relevant stones that may be used for healing:

Root Chakra – jasper, garnet, onyx, rubies

Second Chakra (womb) – hematite, moonstone

Third Chakra (solar plexus) – citrine, amber, topaz

Fourth Chakra (heart) – rose quartz, Chinese fluorite

Fifth Chakra (throat) – aquamarine, turquoise

Sixth Chakra (third eye) – sapphire, turquoise, amethyst

Seventh Chakra (crown) – clear quartz or amethyst

During the treatment the crystals will be working with the energy field of the patient. This may or may not be felt during the treatment however, there are many reports of a sense of wellbeing, hours, even days later.

Crystal Therapy can also facilitate the removal of emotional and mental blockages in the body, once again an effect that may not necessarily come up immediately in the session.

The energy of the crystals placed on the body will be absorbed by the client. If the client has a conscious understanding of the properties of the crystals and has a clear intention of the desired result of the session, the treatment can be even more effective, however this is not necessary.

A Crystal Therapy treatment will leave you feeling relaxed, balanced and with a renewed feeling of wellbeing.

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