Dry Needling

Dry needling, also known as myofascial dry needling, involves the insertion of a sterile, single-use, fine filament needle (acupuncture needle) into soft tissues such as muscles, fascia, ligaments and tendons. It can be helpful in releasing chronically tight muscles and muscles in spasm, and assists with reducing muscular pain, including referred pain, and restoring normal function within the muscle.

Dry needling works particularly well in combination with massage to increase blood supply to the tissues, activating the body’s natural healing response, and accelerating the removal of metabolic waste from the target area. The needle is much finer and more accurate than a thumb so it can be a very precise and powerful technique for releasing trigger points and tight spots. Book now

Dry needling stimulates the body to produce and release endorphins, providing natural pain relief and addresses the root cause of many types of musculo-skeletal pain.

Dry needling can be effective for the treatment of:

  • chronic pain
  • headaches
  • muscle pain or spasm
  • tendinitis/tendinopathy
  • shoulder impingement
  • back pain
  • neck pain
  • knee pain
  • hip pain
  • ankle pain
  • wrist, elbow and hand pain
  • sporting injuries
  • TMJ or jaw pain

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