Gestalt Therapy

The goal of Gestalt therapy is for the client to collaborate with the therapist to increase personal awareness, and with awareness comes restoration of choice. By actively exploring the roadblocks that have been getting in the way until now. No need to revisit the past. It’s a style of therapy that is humanistic in nature. In other words, the approach focuses on the person and the uniqueness of their experience. New ways of relating and living are explored in the present moment experience and involves creative experimentation to explore, heighten awareness and try new ways of authentic being.Book now

The therapeutic relationship itself is based on mutual respect and curiosity rather than one of ‘expert cure’, it is essentially experiential, existential and relational rather than a ‘talking about therapy’. The client is the expert and is encouraged to access their own wisdom. Gestalt has evolved over the past fifty years to become a therapy that is deeply respectful, holistically defined and dynamic in it’s promotion of self-awareness and growth.

Improved communication skills

Better tolerance for negative emotions

Increased emotional understanding

Better awareness of your needs

An improved sense of self-control

Better ability to monitor and regulate mental states

Improved mindfulness

These are attained through dialogue with the therapist and processes such as “two chair work”

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