Regardless of what group you have chosen, there will be some basic consistencies with each individual in your soul group.

You will feel as if you have had many shared experiences.  Sometimes, it will be a matter of a similar belief system about the world or a love of a particular country to live in or maybe countries to visit.

It could even be a feeling as if you have met all of these linked people before. You may have come across a group or an association or even they may be congregating in a company where you currently work.

Some of the clues which may appear that will indicate you may be in the same soul family could be:

  • You meet for the first time and feel you need to say “Have we met before?” although you know it hasn’t been during this lifetime.
  • You finish each other’s sentences.
  • You feel a sense of “returning home” when you speak to this person or people…maybe even recalling bits of another language spoken.
  • You may have similar interests or beliefs around many different topics…and feel they are ‘kindred sprits’.
  • You gravitate towards this group when you feel that you need support… and feel better when you do.
  • You feel that your Earth journey is not complete until you move locations /countries and “make friends and find your ‘peeps’.

Sometimes information around your Soul Group can come during a daydream or a sleeping dream. Watch for clues of repeating themes or pictures of people, places or events which may help you in your search for those whom you are on Earth to find once again.

If you answer yes to these, it could be them! If not, a reading with your Spirit Guides may move you further in the right direction. Ring Lynn on: 0414 999 849 to book an appointment or through the Lotus website.