Jo Alora

Magical Massage

Emotional Healer


Hot Stones Massage

For me, my spiritual journey really started once I was a mother. I became a single mother when my son was just a baby. I needed healing, guidance and direction.

I met some truly beautiful healers that helped me clear the pain of a failed marriage and allowed me to see the best pathway for myself and my boy….My spirituality had been awoken.

Its now been just over 13 years since I myself have been helping people on their journey. I find this work incredibly satisfying. When I am with clients, I know this is right where I am meant to be.

3 years ago I moved from Sydney to the beautiful South Coast and I am not looking back!

Over the years I have learnt so much.

Focusing on a few special modalities that have bought me where I am today.

I would love to assist you to clear your path so that you can be the healthiest and happiest person….your true self.


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