List of classes Winter 2016


BACK TO SCHOOL: beat winter health woes with essential oils (using essential oils on children for common health complaints) THURSDAY 14TH 5:30PM book online

In this class you will learn how to safely use essential oils on children to treat cough, cold, flu, stomach upset, headache, lice, moderate behaviour and more.

CLEANING WITHOUT CHEMICALS                                                                                                                                                 book onlineTHURSDAY 21ST 6PM

Eliminate as many chemicals from your home as possible! This 1 hour class will show you how to mix-up your own cleaning products that will SAVE YOU MONEY, protect our planet and lessen the toxic load of your household.


THE ESSENTIALS ON USING ESSENTIAL OILS (course pre-requisite for higher level classes)                                               book onlineTHURSDAY 18TH 6PM

Learn how to safely use essential oils for many common health problems, how to use oils to enhance meditation and to clear emotional stress. This is a strong foundation class for those new to using oils.

BALANCING CHAKRAS WITH ESSENTIAL OILS (pre-requisite is ‘essentials’ class above)                                                book onlineTHURSDAY 25TH 5PM

Learn about the chakra system and which oils are beneficial for bringing balance to which chakras. I use essential oils regularly in clinic to help quickly bring energetic balance back to the chakra and to lift and clear emotional stress and baggage.


THE MERIDIAN SYSTEM, ACUPOINTS AND ESSENTIAL OILS (pre-requisite is ‘essentials’ class above)                                     book onlineSATURDAY 3RD SEPTEMBER 10AM

For thousands of years Chinese Medicine Practitioners have utilised the meridian system to bring the body into balance. Learn where the 12 main energy lines flow and how to find a few key acupressure points useful for clearing emotional stress. Applying essential oils to acupoints combines the therapeutic power of 2 amazing healing tools!