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At Lotus, our therapists understand that we all have the capacity within us to heal and will guide you on your healing journey. This journey is a holistic one, bringing mind, body and spirit along for the ride. Start wherever you feel most comfortable and know that you can integrate other layers of healing as your journey unfolds. Please, take the first step today, so that you can restore the natural state of ease and harmony that is your birthright.

Please click on either Mind, Body or Spirit to start your healing journey.

Meet Our Team

Kara Belgrove

Kara Belgrove

BHSc (naturopathy), N.D, Dip Rem Mass, Dip B.M, ATMS

Rebecca Davis

Dip Rem Mass, Dip Counselling, Senior Yoga Teacher

Jo Alora

Nicki Madrid

Owner & Manager

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